Bridal Make-up

You naturally want to look and feel truly beautiful on your wedding day. This is not the day to just hope that you have a 'good hair day', and it is definitely not the day to open and use that new pallet of eye-shadow that you picked out last week. You have probably put a lot of time and energy into making sure that every last detail of the wedding is arranged; the gown, the venue and setting, the bridal party, the photography and so on. So don't forget that the surroundings you have worked so hard to create should also include a relaxed and beautiful bride. Consider having a professional wedding make-up artist come to you on the big day, so that you can have a morning of relaxation and a beautiful wedding day look created that will be preserved forever in your wedding photographs and video. Bridal make-up should enhance a woman's natural features and complement her outfit. It should look natural, feel light and last throughout the day, without the need for constant retouching. To help achieve this I have three easy steps.

STEP 1 - Facial and Skin Care Consultation

This should take place as early as possible and can include the whole bridal party and/or special guests. It is an opportunity, in the comfort of your own home, for me to profile your skin, for you to try the appropriate Mary Kay products for your skin-type, be pampered and for me to get to know you. Remember, your make-up only looks as good as the quality of the skin underneath.

STEP 2 - Make-up Trial
A full colour make-up rehearsal, working with the bride to ensure exactly the right look. This is a vital stage as the bride must be completely confident with the total look on the day. This service is also available to all members of the bridal party wanting make-up applied on the day - don't forget that mums of bride and groom are important too!!

STEP 3 - Make-up on the Wedding Day This can be at the family home or whereever the bride is getting ready. I provide a calm, professional service and timing will be planned (and arranged beforehand), ensuring everyone is ready either for the arrival of the photographer, or to leave for the ceremony. Make-up Lessons - For those wanting to do their own make-up on the day or getting married over-seas (or elsewhere in England),I will work with you to create the right look and then teach the techniques needed to apply your make-up on the day.

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